Accountants and Bookkeepers

Not just talk, talk is cheap, Prys Accounting was built from a world-class Accounting and Business framework with the main goal of helping business owners run their businesses smoother.
With Prys Accounting bookkeepers and accountants have an affordable package with no need for additional addons and tweaking, we provide a complete package for your business
The perfect package for Accountants is #AllinCloud, built to make managing multiple companies better. With #AllinCloud you will be able to manage all client's books and HR from just one software. Support teams are on standby to help you with your implementation.

Township Business

The economy of Africa is not built on people mostly, most industries depend on actual humans doing manual labour, and retails depend on us spending more and more.
This is why we support township businesses and help them get better and run smoother making sure the township economy can improve the lives of those living in them. Point of Sale package is perfectly crafted for small retail and restaurant businesses that run offline and is light enough to run on affordable computers.

Invoicing Solution

The Trader solution was created for a sole trader that just wants to monitor and manage his/her business from a single computer.
With Trader will you be able to create professional quotations, invoices and statements. Not just that; you will be able to submit professional business reports to investors, capital funders and more.
We love your hustle start now.

Feature Comparison

# Feature #CloudLite #PointofSale #AllinCloud
1 Quotations
2 Invoicing
3 Purchases Management
4 Repairs (Workshop Booking)
5 Delivery Orders
7 Debtors and Creditors Management
8 Email Quotes and Invoices
9 Statements and Customer Age
10 Stock, Inventory, Management
11 Assets Management
12 Point of Sale
13 Point of Sale
14 Multiwarehouse Support
15 Local Networkable (Shared)
Internet Based

Local network Only

Internet Based
16 Works Offline
Internet Based

Internet Based
17 Multi Company, Organisation or Branch Support
18 HR and Payroll
19 Capture Bank Statements (Manual)
20 Upload Bank Statements
21 Management Accounts and Ledgers
22 Website Builder with Online Store
23 Calendar and Scheduling
24 Accountant Friendly
25 Available on Mobile
26 Reccomended Users (Devices) <8 <12 <30

Upcoming Features

Auto Bank Feeds and Payments

OCR Invoice Scanning

Machine Learning (Farm Management)