Who is Prys!

Complete Business Management Software made for small and growing businesses, founded in 2016.  Prys Accounting is a business software company based in South Africa, servicing clients worldwide.

We take pride in offering Invoicing, Quotations, Pointing of Sale, Human Resources, and Business Management Software.

Africa is different! That is one vision we have been trying to paint to the world for more than 6 years, we as African businesses are different, for starters we do not have stable, fast, and affordable internet. We do not have fast Point of Sale hardware at our disposal and if we do we risk spending too much and that might crash our businesses.

Keeping that in mind we created Prys Accounting for Africa, and we carefully analyze the market we go into, what their challenges and needs are and we address these challenges in suitable software.

Internet Issues:

Prys Accounting does not rely on the internet to work, it is 99% Offline software; that being said we must highlight that you do however need to connect every to update and renew your license, which can be done once a month. One of our critics told us to develop a cloud-based solution, and that we told him was going to go against everything we built our software for. So here we are with an Offline Solution

Complete, Plain, Simple

Imagine buying software for X amount and then you realize you have to spend a fortune more on upgrades and add-ons you were never told about, that is not on. Well, how about a software that has everything you need for your business, not just Point of Sale, Invoicing or Payroll, but notes, accounting, tax reports, statements, bill of material, and even the small things like emailing your invoice directly to the customer and linking your email client to Bits N Bytes ERP. So we kept Bits N Bytes ERP complete, we gave you our every bit and our every byte, so byte in and enjoy it.

Why Africa

Charity begins at home, we hope to one day cover the whole world but that might take some time, we promised a Dummy-Safe software, which means a non-technical, non-accounting-savvy Tom can buy the software install it and be ready to start working on it in less than an hour. So, for now, we will keep it in Africa and add other countries as we go.



Prys Accounting is server-based software, the installer creates a server on your local computer and that means you may access the software from your web browser, we prefer Mozilla Firefox

The Backenduses frameworks and languages that include Odoo 10 CE modules, Python, Django, Javascript, CSS, HTML, XML, JSON and Py2EXE

Odoo 10 Modules are compatible with Prys Accounting, but our technical team does not support third-party installations except warrantied and supported add-ons available through our sales channels.

Special Thanks

  • Odoo S.A. and all Contributors

  • Python Community and Developers

  • Django Community

  • If your name is not here, we still thank you