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Prys Accounting is a software company based in East London, South Africa with product solutions for the retail, hospitality, training, accounting, and business development industries.

Long Description:

Started in 2016 we started making and reselling software in 2017. Our previous name was Bits N Bytes and in 2021 due to identity issues we had to rebrand and rename our business, thanks to loyal and understanding customers this process was easy.

Introduction: Prys Accounting is a business management software company that specialises in software for small and growing businesses.

Mission: To make Accounting and business management software easy to use and affordable with no user limits.

Achievements Timeline:
2016: Founded
2017: Reselling and customising Odoo Solutions
2018: Launched Bits N Bytes ERP Vers. 1
2019: Funding Round 1 - R120,000 / USD $8,000
2020: 600 Active users recorded
2020: Remodeled software to SAAS
2021: Rebranding to Prys Accounting
2021: Launch Version 3.0 (Prys Accounting Version 1)
2021: Funding round 2 started (Target: USD $150,000)

Team: Our team is comprised of 3 Active members and 2 part-time members with the Founder Nkosikhona Carlos steering the ship.

Let us do this.

Main Product:

Prys accounting offers a unique out of this world software aimed at small and growing businesses in Africa.

We proudly service the following industries:-
- Retails
- Hospitality and Hotel
- Professional Services like welders, contractors
- Human Resource management
- Agriculture and Farm management
- Manufacturing
- Repairs and Workshop management

Prys Accounting software is easy to learn and easy to use with flexibility out of this world as the software service works on most popular web browsers, that means users may use any device of their liking and also enjoy the portability of accessing their business reports from anywhere in the world with cloud ERP.

We provide a personal touch and support and this has been a major factor in our growth as we walk the journey with our customers.


  1. Low risk of failure

  2. Experienced Management Team

  3. Subscriptions collected via debit order with already running memberships

  4. High growth rate and easy penetration

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Documents Available to share:

Financial Projections

Company Structure and Management

Business and Marketing Plans

Shareholding structure


The Deal!

40% Equity Available

Round Target: R1,409,000.00

Raised: R145,000

Price per % share: R35,225

Minimum stake: 1%

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